Getting out of Bed!

This is usually what I look like in the morning before I lay right back down. I have days where just getting out of bed takes all my energy. Do you have days like this?

This morning was one of those days. I did not want to move. I did not want to face all the unknowns of the day. I hate feeling out of control and when something is unknown, like what will happen today, I feel out of control and anxious.

Over the past couple weeks I have learned how to get out of bed even when it is hard. Somedays, this is a long process. But, that is okay! I start by just removing the covers, sitting up, and forcing my feet to touch the floor. This in itself helps my mind to transition from anxiety to what do I need to do this morning. I slowly get up and take it one task at a time. You get so involved in what you are doing that you lose all of that anxiety about the day.

Happy Wednesday! I hope this was helpful!! 😃

Getting Started…

Hi! My name is Kristina. I am starting this blog to share my story regarding anxiety and depression. I also hope to use my story to help others with similar problems.

I recently went to Sheppard Pratt for help with my anxiety and depression. This was a hard step for me. It meant I had to admit that I am not in control of my mental illness. I was ashamed of this step at first. I no longer feel this way because I have learned a lot about myself through my stay. I am a people please. I have obsessive thoughts. I ruminate. I isolate. I cut myself. I use other peoples validation to determine my feelings about myself. These are just a few of the things I have learned.

I am sharing this with you because it is part of my journey but also in hopes that it will inspire you to ask for help!