Anxiety: My Story

I have been dealing with anxiety my entire life. What is anxiety? It’s many things. I have been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety disorder. This form of anxiety causes me to worry about many things for an extended period of time. It also causes headaches, muscle tension, upset stomach, and some other physical symptoms.

I spend a lot of time over-analyzing and worrying about things that are both out of my control and few that are in my control. I have been learning coping strategies to help me with these worries. I journal, blog, and Instagram as form of release. I also use fidget toys when I can’t concentrate from all the worries. I have a stress ball, tangle, and sensory bracelet. Please comment if you would like to learn other ways to cope.

2 thoughts on “Anxiety: My Story

  1. One, your wedding invites look fantastic.
    Two, you’re stronger than you know. I know this because I’ve seen you at your worst and your determination to turn things around is so admirable.
    Three, those moments that you can’t get your feet to touch the floor, girl just roll out of that bed. I promise standing up will be worth it.


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